the X240 Autocover Pontoon Boat

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Stay tuned for the latest in truly hassle-free lake and river boating.  Recently, we were isued US Pat. # 8,770,136 for the 'retractable boat cover assembly'

Click here to see this boat featured on p. 25 of  the August 2012 issue of
Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine.

Finally, the ordeal with the traditional snap cover is over.  With the touch of a button on a remote control, the built-in cover will recoil under the sundeck in the rear and under the cowl in the front.  We will be adding video, further description, and details of this patented mechanism along the way.  This project is just now being released after years of development.
This boat was built from the floor up on my 1987 SunCruiser hull.  It is obvouisly not set-up for fishing nor does it have the features the recent hull designs include like an extended swim platform out the back but it is intended to pave the way toward the easiest and simplest means of getting out on the water for leisure cruising.
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