the X240 Autocover Pontoon Boat


Some of the benefits of this design:

  • From your fully covered boat, you can be on the water in less than (2) minutes.
  • Boat cover stays on board so you don't have to remove and store it; plus whenever you tie up to a restaraunt or public dock, it can be covered quickly securing all your belongings.
  • Rear cover also doubles as the bimini top and can be raised and lowered by remote control even while driving.  In rain, the top can be raised to half height keeping the profile low and passengers better protected.
  • Rear bench seat is elevated for unmatched viewing compared to any other traditional boat.  This is actually the best seat in the house where normally, those passengers can barely see over the front gate when not on plane.
  • Replaceable side panels can be easily changed, repaired, or updated with fresh graphics.  These graphics courtesy of Ron Bradbury at  Any color scheme or theme from sport to luxury can be applied.. 
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